Booking FAQs

Is it okay if I can't attend every camp day?

Absolutely! With PerfX Hockey camps, you can choose to book all, some, or just one day. While our program is progressive, building on each day's lessons, we understand that young players and parents lead busy lives. Booking the full camp is highly recommended for maximum benefit, but each day is designed to function as a stand-alone experience regardless of your level.

Please note that certain camps, such as our High Performance Camps and Indoor Hockey camps, can only be booked as a whole. This is because of the camp's design, where players are organised into teams, and the learning experience extends across the entirety of the event.

What if I have to cancel my place?

Although we cannot offer refunds, we can sometimes offer you a credit for a future date. No-shows cannot be credited after the event. See our Cancellations & Returns policy for more information.

What if the weather is bad?

This is the UK and we are made of strong stuff! We utilise all-weather pitches, ensuring the camp runs smoothly, rain or shine. Make sure your children have suitable clothing for the unpredictable British weather.

Fear not, however. If the weather gets too bad, most of our venues have some indoor space that we can use for cover if needed.

In case of extreme weather, most venues offer indoor spaces for cover. The only hindrance could be frozen pitches, especially in December and February. For these camps, we implement an Adverse Weather policy, detailing the course of action in challenging conditions, when decisions will be made, how you'll be informed, and the implications for bookings.

Do you offer lunch, refreshments, or drinks for players?

No, kindly pack a lunch and drinks/refreshments for the day. Water taps on-site are available for refilling water bottles during the camp.

IMPORTANT: Avoid bringing any nuts to the camp to prevent potential allergic reactions.

While we occasionally distribute small treats as prizes during the camp, these are no more than modest snacks.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

We understand the challenges of managing multiple children's attendance at camps so we are pleased to say yes, we do offer a sibling discount. When completing your purchase, apply the following codes:

Sending 2 children = Enjoy a 10% discount with the code "FAMILYOF2"

Sending 3 children = Benefit from a 20% discount using the code "FAMILYOF3"

Please note these discount codes are only valid if the children attend the same camp on the same date. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please either visit our payment plans page or reach out to us - we may be able to help even further.

Hockey Camp FAQs

What gear should I bring?

For outfield players, gumshields and shinpads are mandatory – no participation is allowed without them, unless parents consent to the associated risks. We strongly discourage playing hockey without these safety essentials, regardless of age.

Additionally, wear weather-appropriate sportswear and astroturf shoes (not football boots). Players are required to bring their own hockey stick. Note that some venues may provide limited sticks upon request, so please inquire beforehand to ensure availability.

Goalkeepers should bring their own kit. Please note that, at some of our venues, we may be able to supply a GK kit on request, so if one is needed please ask us beforehand to ensure availability.

I LOVE the PerfX Hockey Camp T-Shirts. How do I get one?

We are glad you appreciate the PerfX Hockey camp T-shirts. As of 2024 all new players will be given a camp T-shirt, and returning players will be able to purchase additional t-shirts through our website.

What happens on a typical camp day?

There is no 'typical' day, but we do have a guideline format, as follows:

Registration - players sign in and assigned groups

Camp opening - players introduced to PerfX Hockey, the camp and the coaches

Morning training - 2 1/2 hrs technical training & gameplay

Lunch (players bring own)

Afternoon training - 2 1/2 hrs technical training & gameplay

Camp closing - players debrief/prizes

Across a camp, players should experience some/all of: skills and drills, assault courses, penalty shootouts, Q&As and coaches skill challenges. And, of course, matches - where you can put what you learned into practice!

Are all camps and days the same?

Not at all! Each camp features daily coaching themes, with a progressive structure building on skills learned in preceding days.

PerfX Hockey's coaching team has developed a comprehensive learning syllabus. Within this framework, certain fundamental skills are emphasised in every camp, albeit with distinct approaches using varied drills and practices.

What is the difference between a 1 day and 2 day camp?

In a 1 day masterclass, players undergo an intensive overview of the PerfX Hockey syllabus. On the other hand, the 2 day camps provide more time for in-depth focus on specific actions, enhancing players' understanding.

Are the camps suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Indicate your level when booking online through the registration form. Each camp accommodates groups tailored for complete beginners. Participants leave the camps inspired by interactions with elite hockey coaches and enamored with a newfound passion for the sport.

Are the camps suitable for seasoned hockey players?

Absolutely! Elevate your training by working alongside some of the country's top international players and coaches. Our camps feature performance training groups for older youth players and those at County levels and beyond.

Our technical program is crafted to provide a creative and intensive training atmosphere, allowing experienced players to flourish with the attention to detail they need. PerfX Hockey camps are not selection environments, offering players the freedom to explore new skills and make mistakes without fear of judgment. This liberty to push their limits often results in players leaving PerfX Hockey camps stronger and more technically adept.

Combine this with the opportunity to learn from hockey coaches who have reached the top end of the game, overcoming challenges along the way, and you have the ideal performance training environment.

How do you sort players into training groups?

Players are grouped based on both age and playing experience, ensuring each player maximises their pitch time with the coaches. We continuously assess all players, offering flexibility for individuals to move into higher age group sessions, subject to coaching assessments, to optimise their development outcomes.

Decisions to move a talented player up a level are made strategically, challenging them to contend with faster, stronger, bigger, or more experienced players. Alternatively, keeping players within their age group allows them to 'stretch their wings' and continue developing their talent. Striking this balance is crucial, and our coaches are adept at making these decisions.

Players who wish to change groups mid-camp can simply request it, and if feasible, we will accommodate their preference.