This year we are launching a new format called 1-To-1 coaching days. We believe this new format will enable players to have a regular slot with their coach and with a schedule which is not overwhelming or too demanding. In doing so, players can be assured that sessions are not done on an ad hoc basis and bring real benefit to the players hockey diet.

At our 1-To-1 sessions we put the player at the forefront of the content, allowing the session to be completely bespoke to the player and what they want to improve. These sessions offer an opportunity for players to try something new or tighten up existing skills in a safe and free from judgement environment.

These sessions are perfect for hockey players of all ages and abilities to hone in on the smaller details in their game which can make a big difference to their overall game ability.

We are very selective about the coaches we use at our 1-to-1 coaching days. We ensure the players will work with an experienced coach who has extensive technical knowledge so they can help improve your game from the very first session.


Session Format

Before the sesion takes place, our coaching team will contact you to gain an understanding of what it is you would like to achieve. From here the coaches can plan a session which is uniquely tailord to suit your needs, selecting the appropriate coaching equipment to maximise every minute.

Players will be taken through a detailed stick and ball warm-up before moving on to their development areas. Each player will receive a tracking card to record their learning and see their progress over time. The coach will give their constant feedback throughout the session and parents will receive an outline of these points via email within 24 hours of the session taking place.

Players who book a block of 6 sessions or more will receive a trackingbooklet instead of the tracking cards, which go into far more detail and offer even further support to the holistic development of the player.

Video recordings may be taken on mobile phones and iPads to allow the coach to slow things down and show you where improvements can be made. You will receive all photos and videos that are taken of you during the session.

2024 dates coming soon

We are just finalising a few things first, thank you for your patience.