Welcome to the PerfX Hockey Summer Academy. Players aspiring to participate in high performance hockey at their club, school or within their pathway can look forward to 4 x weekly sessions that will test and improve their technical ability under the careful guidance of an expert of coaches, who will give the players the finer details within their own personal game to make a big difference to them on the pitch.

The coaching team is built up of coaches and players who all have International or National League experience. The focus is on making the individual players become better players, rather than building solid teams ahead of competition. It is important that all of the players understand this; as the training environment and delivery methods will be different from the way they receive coaching through other environments.

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A series of training sessions heavily focused on sharpening up your technical skills to best prepare you for the season ahead


Players will be participating in lots of challenges and competitions where they can demonstrate their new found skills. Every player will get lots of game time over the 5 week programme as we go into small sided games towards the end of every session. Only 4 goal keeper spaces will be available at each session in order to keep them on their toes at all times.

The coaching team's main goal for these sessions is to best prepare the players for the season ahead. Players should consider the Academy to be their own personal pre-season programme, which will compliment what they already get with their respective clubs. Players will receive a hockey journal for them to record the feedback they receive on an ongoing bases from the coaching team throughout the programme, giving them goals to work towards for the rest of the summer and beyond. All players will also receive an adidas playing shirt.

Across the period of the programme players are welcome to open dialogue with the coaching team and pick their brains in any way they wish to. The coaching team is YOUR coaching team, they are there to make YOU a better player - so make the most of it!


These sessions are not suitable for beginners and ideally players should be at county level or higher.

The Academy sessions will play home to a higher standard of players as a collective, all coming from many different clubs, and this is not something that would typically be found in a club junior environment - we are looking for the best players from their clubs and putting them together to raise the bar even further.

We believe the environment we have created at the Academy gives players the fun side of playing junior age group hockey alongside the pressure free coaching environment in terms of selection. 

Our previous experience tells us that each of the players who sign up usually train with a few players of a similar age and ability to themselves at their club but not an entire team, which is the environment that we are creating. This is why these sessions will be so great, players can express themselves around similarly talented and aged players. 

​Players will be focused on their own development during these sessions and will typically work in groups which has a 6:1 player to coach ratio.


Players will be encouraged to continue to use their hockey journals and work towards the goals the coaching team have identified for them. The coaches will be regularly available for drop-in conversations so players can lean on their advice throughout the season (information on how to do this will be given at the end of the Academy).

Bookings opening soon. Please check in at another time.