This year is our biggest year yet as we put out a service offering which covers nearly every aspect of hockey coaching there is. We understand that some parents would like to sign their children up to multiple events and services however the cost can be an issue.

In order to do our bit and help where we can, we can offer parents the facility to split the total cost of the services they wish to access over a period of months.

The way this works is simple

Step 1 - Working out the payment terms

Firstly we need to know which services and events you wish to access.

Then we divide the total balance by the amount of months you want to pay the balance over (10 months maximum).

A 10% deposit (or higher) will be required to open the payment plan.

Step 2 - Set up a standing order

Now that we've sorted out what you want and how you wish to repay, we will give you our bank account details so that you can set up a standing order.

standing order is a payment facility which your bank offers, allowing you to set up regular payments to another person or, organisations.

This is a secure way of making a repayment for the amount of months required, and is completely controlled on your end. You can amend or cancel the standing order as and when you like. You are in complete control.

This payment plan is not a form of finance

It is simply splitting your bill into monthly installments. There are no credit checks and there is no interest rate. It is more like a savings account with us - you can withdraw your remaining balance at any time as long as there is enough paid in to cover the cost of services you have already received. Should you wish to end your plan but the costs of the services you've already received have not yet been covered, we will just send you an invoice to clear the remaining balance.

We are currently in the process of creating annual calendars for each location, making it easier for you to see exactly which services we offer in your area and which dates they are on. These calendars should be ready to view by the middle of January.