PerfX Goalkeepers is proud to announce the launch of its Goalkeeper Academy, which we believe to be the first of its kind in the UK. The programme will consist of monthly Goalkeeper training sessions and webinars, access our inaugrul goalkeeper conference and other support such as fitness and nutrition plans. Guest coaches will attend a number of sessions to compliment the work that programme leaders Alex Dawson and Charlotte Eyre are doing.

In the first 6 coaching sessions the players will go through a series of themes, looking at the technical execution of various hockey goalkeeper movements and saves. Once this level of understanding have been reached, the players will move on to a more individualised programme where the coaching team will work closer to the requirements of the players.

Goalkeepers are often an after thought or even forgotten about. To add to this, top class goalkeeper coaching is hard to come by. This programme is our answer to helping talanted young goalkeepers reach their goals.

In order to ensure this programme delivers the quality output it intends, there are a limited number of places available. Further to this, participating goalkeepers are required to be playing at a certain level in order to be accepted onto the programme.

COHORT 1: What to expect

Goalkeepers should expect to be put through their paces during every single session. Sessions will be 2 hours long, 30 minutes of which will be in a classroom gaining an in-depth and detailed understanding of the monthly theme by watching clips of world class goalkeepers.

After each session, the goalkeepers will then go away and pay special attention to the theme we've worked on over the next month. Players will track their progress and feedback to the coaching team.

Included as part of the programme

- Personalised adidas goalkeeper smock

- Water bottle

- Email recap of every session to help with your reflection

- 30 day fitness programme specifically built for hockey player

- 3 x e-books designed to aid player development (player qualities, nutrition for hockey & psychological requirements in hockey)

- Annual invite to the goalkeeper conference