Terms & Conditions

Injuries, first aid & illness

In placing a booking with us you acknowledge that PerfX Hockey will do everything reasonable to ensure a safe environment but cannot be held responsible for any accident or injury. It is your responsibility to ensure your child wears the appropriate safety equipment. It is your responsibility to ensure that your child is delivered to the training venue and collected on time. It is your responsibility to inform PerfX Hockey of any illness or allergy your child may have. You agree to allow a qualified and trained member of the coaching team to perform first aid where required and you will have standby arrangements in place should your child require further medical attention or need to go home to rest. If an injury is so severe that an ambulance is required immediately, PerfX Hockey will do this without hesitation.

Photography & filming

You agree to give consent that photographs and films of your child can be taken during the session for the purpose of giving feedback directly to the player. These may also be used for publicity and marketing purposes on social media.

Data Protection

You understand that PerfX Hockey will store my personal information that you have given as part of this booking and they may contact you at a future date to inform you of its future events.

Event fees & refunds 

You agree to pay the fee prior to the event date and understand that the event fee cannot be refunded if you withdraw your child within seven days of the event, although in most cases a credit note will be offered.

Safeguarding and Child Protection

PerfX Hockey's first priority above all else is to fulfil its obligations to safeguard and protect all children that we work this. All of our staff are DBS checked, have annual safeguard training and we adhere to the England Hockey safeguarding and welfare policy, which can be found by clicking here.