Your gift card will be sent to you in an email, which can then be printed off and put nicely into any card.

​All unused gift cards are fully refundable should you change your mind

It couldn't be more simple

We understand that not everyone is in a position to commit to certain camp dates at the minute, especially given that most of them are months away and everyone has other things to think about first. To help this we are offering our customers the opportunity to offer top class hockey coaching as a gift without having to worry about which dates the player is actually going to attend.

Once you have selected your gift card amount, our admin team will contact you with a unique voucher code which you can redeem at any time in the future against any of our products or events; such as:

2 Day Hockey Camps
1 Day Masterclasses
Summer Academy
1-to-1 Coaching Sessions
Small Group Coaching Sessions

Don't forget you can add more than 1 gift card to your cart or just contact us directly if you are looking for a specific amount. Any specific amount is possible.